Pamela (Tan) Siddall and Gina DeMario have combined expertise in many areas including interior design, interior architecture, visual merchandising, event production and home staging. Both are accomplished fine artists.

Together their talents grant Tan & DeMario Designs an important creative edge. This company brings to the arena of home staging a fresh and current look, using upscale furniture, pristine linens, and accent pieces. They punctuate their interiors with stunning pieces of original art, creating individual and memorable properties.Tan & DeMario Designs understands that visual appeal is an intrinsic element in capturing the interest of a potential buyer. In a competitive environment, they believe the economy of a small investment to create an outstanding presentation, grants the seller advantage in the marketplace, in order to achieve a higher yield. Tan & DeMario Designs works with both furnished and unfurnished real estate. Their goal is to create an interior that intrigues and informs the buyer so that his vision of the beauty and function of his future property is satisfied.

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